Monday, March 21, 2011

New CritterWalls Stickers!

Good day! We have entered a new season, and with Spring comes three new stickers from
These stickers are in the Fairy World line, joining the two Unicorn stickers.  The first two are round panels with beautifully detailed images of fairies and foliage by the incredible artist, Dede Lifgren.  The third is a step in a new direction, looking through a shuttered window to see a Cinderella type carriage drawn by white horses heading towards a turreted castle.
Fairy Woodland (detail)
Fairy Woodland depicts a fairy deep in thought, sitting on a lush green leaf, fairy dust all around her illuminating the mysterious woodland foliage.  18" in diameter, retail price $29.95.

Fairy Sleeping (detail)

Fairy Sleeping is our own version of Sleeping Beauty.  Illuminated by the glow of her own magic, a tiny fairy dreams away on the back of a patient cottontail rabbit.  18" in diameter, retail price $29.95.

Castle and Carriage (detail)
Carriage and Castle lets you look through a wooden shuttered window, past colorful flowers, to a view of a carriage that you know a fairy godmother had something to do with.  Is there a princess in the ornate, pink carriage pulled by a team of white horses?  Is she going to meet the price at the ball in the turreted castle on the hill?  37" x 24", retail price $29.95.

We have more stickers in the works in the Fairy World line - I know you'll love the whole Fairy World line and all CritterWalls stickers.

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