Thursday, January 3, 2013


My friend Jonille Shepherd is putting together a "52 Weeks To Family Preparedness for Two" plan.  Follow this for painless preparedness that will get you going on the path to preparedness and, at the end of the year, will leave you in the best position to thrive in the event of any emergency.

You can do this!  The cost is spread out over a full year, plus you will have a year to work out your storage.

  1. Food Storage:  8 cans of tuna 
  2. Extra Item 8 rolls of toilet paper (1 roll per week for 2 months) 
  3. 72 hour kit: Obtain from around the house, keep in a backpack per person (or suitcase with wheels for mobility for elderly or handicapped). 

Family Preparation (your choice)
  • Store enough water for 72 hours – 1 gallon a day per person = 3 gallons per person 
  • Preferred water storage – 2 weeks – 14 gallons per person 
  • Also store purifying agents such as Potable Aqua Tablets, chlorine, filters, etc.

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