Saturday, June 29, 2013

52 Weeks to Preparedness Week 25


WEEK #25

Follow this for painless preparedness that will get you going on the path to being ready for catastrophic events and that, at the end of the year, will leave you in the best position to thrive in the event of any emergency.

You can do this! The cost is spread out over a full year, plus you will have a year to work out your storage. Substitute where appropriate depending on personal needs/requirements.

Food Storage  28 cans of tomato sauce
Extra Item    8 rolls of toilet paper

Utility Box     This is a box, action, packer, cooler, etc. that is used for larger, heavier, more specialized items that will make life nicer in an emergency and when the urgency of grab and go fast is NOT present.  This is more suited for a mandatory evacuation that would last for a longer time, so it is a bigger sized box.  This week get the box.

Family Prep    Buy extra batteries and store them in a cool, dry place.  Make sure the smoke detector batteries have been changed if you didn't do that last week.

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