Thursday, August 8, 2013

52 Weeks to Preparedness Week 30


WEEK #30 (sorry this is late)

Follow this for painless preparedness that will get you going on the path to being ready for catastrophic events and that, at the end of the year, will leave you in the best position to thrive in the event of any emergency.

You can do this! The cost is spread out over a full year, plus you will have a year to work out your storage. Substitute where appropriate depending on personal needs/requirements.

Food Storage  30 lbs of wheat or flour
Extra Item    8 lbs of salt

Family Gear Box    Include some of the seasonings and spices that your family likes to make the food more tasty.  Also add white and brown sugar, or honey.

Family Prep    Start a savings program or review your existing savings plan. No matter how much you make or how much you have in savings already, you can save something for the future, even if it is a little.

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