Monday, November 9, 2009

Isagenix cleanse update 11/09

Well, not so good this week. I only lost one pound and no inches. I will confess that every day I went into town and had a large decaf breve at a local (non-Starbucks) shop. (Theer's a story in that, but I'm not going to confess). Now, I know there aren't enough calories in a breve to add up to anything, particularly since I was following the plan as directed otherwise. Well, maybe not. I suppose those sandwiches I had a couple days were a bit non-plan.

OK, ok, I was bad. But really, not all that bad - with this last pound, I've lost 29 pounds in the last year and that is good for something! And while I cheated, I didn't lose any ground.

The holidays are coming up, the parties are starting soon. I'm going to go off the cleanse but I will have an Isagenix shake every morning and *try* to be good the rest of the time. At least then when I start up in January I won't have backslid (too much).

I'm at 140 lbs right now - I could stop because at a bit over 5' 7" no weight chart says I'm overweight. But I know that I would be happier if that last bit of flab disappeared, so if I can fit in a 9-day cleanse between now and after the holidays, I will. There's a program for that, too - I haven't tried it yet.

Thing is, I really like losing the weight, I like how much better I feel. That's a good reason to keep with it, even though I'm sliding a wee bit.

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