Friday, September 27, 2013

Sauerkraut - success!

I am pleased as can be to report sauerkraut success.  I opened the crock and carefully spooned out the nasty slimy gray stuff (still didn't look like mold but it sure didn't look like anything I wanted associated with food I was going to eat!).  I carefully peeled off the blanket of cabbage leaves and looked down in at... sauerkraut!  It looks just like the real stuff!

Next test - and the most important one, of course - was to taste it.  Hmmm.  Well, I don't think this would be a favorite at your local deli.  It tastes... strange.  A nice sauerkraut tang and great aftertaste, but that initial flavor... well, I don't recommend the cumin.  I like that spice a lot, but I think not for sauerkraut.

All told I have just about 2 quarts.  It is in glass containers, tightly sealed for storage in my fridge, where the fermentation process will slow to a crawl - enough to keep the sauerkraut "alive" but not enough to get even more sour.

I consumed a healthy amount of my experiment just now because strange flavor or not, it really does taste good.  Therefore I am calling this project done, aside from washing the crock, weight plate and glass. Assuming I don't get food poisoning from my taste test, of course.  Just kidding!

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