Friday, May 27, 2016

Photos: Cat, flowers - you can't go wrong with either!

My cat Lili, now in her mid-teens.
A grump most of the time. Cute when she's quiet.
 did a bit of photoshopping as you can see.
Lili sunbathing  May 2016 Lif Strand

Iris! After years and years of not blooming
I have iris this year!
Iris, Greek goddess of the rainbow  May 2016 Lif Strand


  1. Did you ever get the wires untangled from underneath the car?


    1. As a matter of fact, I did. It was amazing how much had wrapped around the drive shaft. I used wire cutters and bolt cutters and a screwdriver (as a lever) and a lot of cursing.

      I couldn't get it all off, either, but eventually the last bit got worn enough by the driveshaft to break and fall off on its own. There were bits and pieces of wire left where I park for a good long while.

      I'm quite concerned that the rear seal was compromised by the wire but I'm assured by folks who know more about auto mechanics than I ever will that if the seal is now bad, it'll still take many miles before the differential is affected, since its oil is very thick and would be lost slowly. I haven't driven it much since it happened because of that. Getting the car to a mechanic is on the very long To Do list.